Bombshell Oil Co. 
"We are different. We are better"
Bombshell Oil Co. is a family owned oil exploration company.
We currently own an oil lease of 577 acres of prime oil land in
Cumberland County, Kentucky.
We have assembled a team of oil field professionals that cover the entire oil well process from location of the drill site to completion of the well and production. Our team has over 100 years of oil field experience. We utilize the latest in oil field technology and a few "Old Oil Man's" tricks. 
Some, not all, oil exploration companies believe in selling interest in quick operations.
A site will be picked and multiple wells planned. Usually, when drilling begins, the goal is to drill fast and drill deep. By doing this, most tend to "blow right past" oil carrying zones that have great potential. In most cases, the South Central area of Kentucky does not produce big oil from deep oil zones. Some of the biggest producing wells in the area have, and are, producing at a depth much less than 1500 feet. 
Our philosophy at Bombshell Oil Co. is to go slow and make the most of each well we drill.
Drill fast, drill deep and move on is not what we do.
  We have spent the better part of 3 years studying the terrain and geology of our lease.
We believe that the next big Kentucky oil well will be drilled here.
We would like to invite you to share in the wealth.
If you are interested & want more info please call (931) 210-3980 or (931) 256-5279
or Email :